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NEW Outlander PHEV

Technology: Plug-in pMitsubishi-Outlander-PHEV-GKLjpgetrol hybrid
Acceleration: 11.0 seconds
Top speed: 106mph
CO2 Emissions: 42 g/km
Economy: 156.9 MPG
Power: 203hp
BIK percentage: 5% (15/16); 7% (16/17); 9% (17/18)
Arrival date: Now



You can’t accuse Mitsubishi of resting on its laurels. As the maker of the best-selling plug-in model in the UK, Mitsubishi has taken the Outlander PHEV and improved it across the board.

The most obvious changes come both outside – with brand new styling front and rear – and inside, which is considerably more refined than before. This last aspect addresses the Outlander PHEV’s previous weakest point and turns it into a strength.

Under the skin, the drivetrain that proved crucial to Mitsubishi’s success remains and has been slightly improved upon. Emissions are down to 42 g/km CO2, while fuel economy has increased to 157 MPG.Next-Green-Car

In terms of driving, the Outlander PHEV mirrors the new-found refinement inside and offers a relaxing ride. It soaks up bumps and pot-holes with ease while still retaining enough stiffness in its springs to resist body roll around corners.

In short, the Outlander PHEV is one of the best family cars around. Owners no longer need to excuse the budget cabin by remembering the low running costs, as the Mitsubishi has a genuinely pleasant and comfortable interior. Add in the excellent all-wheel drive system powered by the proven plug-in hybrid drivetrain and there is nothing that can rival it in terms of size, cost and ability.


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