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Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Review-Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
Technology: Plug-in petrol hybrid
Acceleration: 5.9 seconds
Top Speed: 151mph
CO2 Emissions: 79 g/km
Economy: 83 MPG (combined)
Official EV driving range: 22 miles
Power: 416bhp
BIK percentage: 13% (15/16); 15% (16/17); 17% (17/18)
Arrival date: Now



When thinking of green cars, Porsche’s Cayenne SUV will spring to the minds of very few people. However, with the addition of a hybrid model, Porsche has gone a long way to changing that.

Using a 3.0 litre supercharged V6 petrol engine might not sound like the best starting point for frugal motoring but, like the rest of Porsche’s hybrid range, the Cayenne is a full plug-in hybrid. This means the Cayenne S E-Hybrid can cover short distances with zero emissions at speeds of up tNext-Green-Caro 37mph.

Out on the open road and the petrol engine takes the strain, offering the sort of effortless power that you would expect from a large Porsche.

Systems monitor the driving conditions constantly and, as such, the effect of changing from electric to petrol power – or using both at the same time – is seamless.

The rest of the model shares traits of more conventional Cayenne’s. There is a good amount of space available in the practical family SUV, while performance and handling continue to lead the class.

What Porsche has done is take its least eco-friendly model and give it a green makeover using the same technology used in its racing and sports cars.

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