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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Review-Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid
Technology: Plug-in petrol hybrid
Acceleration: 5.5 seconds
Top Speed: 168mph
CO2 Emissions: 71 g/km
Economy: 91 MPG (combined)
Official EV driving range: 20 miles
Power: 416bhp
BIK percentage: 9% (15/16); 11% (16/17); 13% (17/18)
Arrival date: Available now



Hybrid technology helps Porsche offer a 168mph super-saloon for the running costs of a diesel family car.

In electric-only mode, the Panamera provides 95bhp and will complete around 20 miles on a charge. If you’re going further though, or want more performance, the 3.0 litre supercharged V6 petrol engine kicks in and offers more grunt and a longer range.

Let the car automatically switch between E-Power, Hybrid, E-Charge and Sport and the Porsche will more often than not achieve the best fuel economy for you, especially if you leave the eight-speed automatic gearbox to its own devices.Next-Green-Car

This is a Porsche though and will perform like the four-seat 911 you expect from the Panamera.

Fuel economy figures are quoted at 91.1mpg, though in reality will be around half that.

The Panamera retains much of its non-hybrid space inside with a practical boot and plenty of occupant space while build quality stands up to the usual high Porsche standards.

As a plug-in hybrid, you can truly get all the performance of a Porsche but with lower running costs. Since the Panamera was designed as a long distance tourer, adding a hybrid powertrain to increase efficiency and reduce emissions, makes a lot of sense.


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