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New Land Rover Defender

November 1st, 2019

by Chay Godfrey

The brand-new modernised Land Rover Defender is here having made its return with the most iconic re-design this model has ever seen in its history. The previous model, which was discontinued in 2016, has been supremely modernised by years of development and extremely thorough testing. With its robust and dynamic design, The Land Rover Defender emphasis’ previous model design throughout the car, but with an abundance of advanced technology additions. Production has now relocated from Solihull to Slovakia.

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Previous models, which lacked technology decisively weren’t discontinued due to safety or the uneconomical pollution emitted; it was purely down to the downslide of demand from the global market. The previous Land Rover which was manufactured in Solihull was also relatively expensive regarding what it had to offer its consumers, cosmetically very similar to a small sized truck.  With fewer than 5000 defenders being delivered to retailers each year, with bulk buyers increasing that figure to 15,000 the market became rather stagnant for this model. The new defender has been manufactured to be economically acceptable, meeting global car regulations in 2 of the world’s largest markets China and the US where the defender previously struggled to have an impact in due to the regulatory restrictions. The new model will now be sold in 128 separate markets.


The defender will be complimented with many capabilities leaving consumers spoilt for choice. Firstly, we have the 5-door defender 110, starting price from £45,240 and sold with four unique packs (Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban). The 110 will be manufactured with over 170 additional accessories. This will increase the price of the defender to reach prices way above £110,00 almost reaching the price bracket of the Mercedes G Wagon AMG. With potential future models including more luxurious and higher-speed levels we could see this price rising considerably. A more powerful diesel engine is set to be released during 2021 with an exciting 0-62mph below 8 seconds. The three-door defender 90 models wi

ll be sold later from £40,000 including their commercial models with starting prices around £35,000 + vat. Land Rover also plan to launch a plug- in hybrid for eco enthusiasts, however you will have to wait a further 12 months until this variation is launched. In addition, leaked data suggest another larger 130 Defender could be on the way estimated for 2022.

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The most obvious alteration to the modern defender is its unique, robust curved design which has developed from its original “rugged appeal.” Kitted out with numerous impressive gadgets and its quirky design the defender has many design features which makes the car unique. Comparatively the new shape maintains its classic look by maintaining a short front and rear overhangs, squared off wheel arches and so called alpine light windows set into the roof. These details are also displayed throughout the vehicle, although with modern touches such as LED headlights, coloured satin panels, folding fabric roof and plenty more.

Implementing a new 10in screen display into the car is an added feature which previous models did not acquire. Owners are now provided with Land Rovers new user friendly Pivi Pro software. Pivi Pro has been inspired by the most current technology of our smartphones and is constantly operating in the vehicle, providing drivers access to their car from their smartphone. Features such as pre heating the vehicle, adjusting seats positions to remotely controlling the vehicle from outside of the car which is powered via Bluetooth which has a range of 10 meters outside of the vehicle. It may seem just an impressive toy, but it has many useful features. All updates being conveniently made “over the air”.

Space in the defender is a factor which is not limited for sure. The dash mounted gear shifter allows room for the “central jump” seat. The Defender 110 can be arranged to have either five, six or even 5+2-seater giving buyers an option to acquire a central seat located in the front. Boot space is also very pleasing with 1075 litres behind the second row and 2390 litres if the second row is folded. The defender 90 will have a capacity of 6 people.

The defender has been excessively pushed to its limits during testing by Land Rover, exceeding far greater test levels than any other models have experienced. With the defender covering 1.2 million miles across various terrains such as desert, high altitude and arctic. Land Rovers robotised machinery had malfunctioned with the seat durability tester machine breaking due to the vehicle adequately withstanding enlarged loads. Providing support to the vehicle the defender has configurable terrain response which enables off road driving. Sensors monitor driving conditions will provide that bit of support in various terrains. 900mm is the maximum wading depth the defender can reach up to along with a 300kg roof load and an impressive 3500kg of towing proficiency.

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