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Car Review Blog: SEAT Tarraco, Volvo XC90, Ford Mondeo

July 16th, 2019

In this article, we talk about the new cars that are hot in the market right now. All of these offer great hybrid options as well as exceptional storage space. From brand new models to the Ford Mondeo facelift, you have some great options to test-drive.

SEAT Tarraco

SEAT Tarraco

• SE: Starting from £28,335
• SE Technology: Starting from £29,345
• XCELLENCE: Starting from £30,425
• XCELLENCE Lux: Starting from £32,150

Main features
The entry-level model comes with:

  • 17” alloy wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Front wheel drive
  • 6-speed manual
  • 7 seats
  • 10.25” digital cockpit display
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 700l boot-space with last row of seats folded

What is it like?

We mentioned the SEAT Tarraco in our review of the anticipated cars of 2019 and we have not been disappointed. In their brochure, SEAT describe the Tarraco as “the large SUV that gives you the space to move, grow and expand.”

With its 7-seat luxurious interior, the SEAT Tarraco makes an excellent family vehicle. The second row of rear-seats is sliding, while the third row of seats can be folded flat to the floor for additional space. This can give you a cool 700l boot space for luggage.

You get a choice of a 148bhp 1.5l or 187bhp 2.0l petrol engine, or a 148bhp or 187bhp 2.0l diesel engine. Either way, you can enjoy a smooth ride that is virtually noise-free.

While it does claim to be a 7-seater, the third row of seats is suitable only for small children. In fact, if you do have 7 people in the car, you get precious little luggage space.

The petrol engine gives a low fuel economy of around 30mpg, although the diesel engine’s fuel economy is obviously much better. Additionally, while the car is smooth over minor road bumps, you can feel a sharp pothole or a big speed bump.

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90


  • Starting from 50,725
  • Momentum: from 52,235
  • R-Design: from 55,535
  • Inscription: from 55,935

Main features

  • 4-wheel drive
  • Easy steering
  • Automatic transmission
  • LED active bending lights
  • Full navigation and connectivity
  • Park assist
  • Auto-brake with detection of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians

What is it like?

This SUV from Volvo makes an excellent family car with its spacious 7-seat interior and a vast boot space. However, its high quality takes it into the luxury category.

The XC90 comes in two petrol engine options, T5 and T6, a diesel option, D5, and a petrol hybrid option, the T8. Out of these, the T8 is the best choice both as a company car and a low-emission option that is exempt from congestion charge.

On average, you can get a fuel economy of around 34-36mpg, with 27 to 30mpg in the city and 40 to 42 on the motorway. The T8 petrol hybrid claims to offer 135mpg but that quickly goes up to 30mpg when accelerating or after 27 miles when the petrol engine kicks in.

The most notable features about this car are the safety features, which are quite intensive even in the standard model, and the boot space. The storage space is an impressive 316l to 368l, but can go up to an even more impressive 1,816l to 1,868l.

Ford Mondeo facelift

New Ford Mondeo


  • Saloon with Zetec trim: From £21,995
  • Estate hybrid: from £28,000

Main features

  • Subtle redesign of external appearance
  • A new diesel option
  • A hybrid version of the Estate
  • New colour options, upholstery choices, decorative trim, and door handle options
  • Alloy wheels
  • A new rotary gear selector
  • New adaptive cruise control system

What is it like?

Ford have given their Mondeo a new, more aggressive, look with its recent facelift. However, the superficial tweaks, which include a smaller front grille, new colour options, and the added option of alloy wheels, are just the beginning.

Mondeo now has a diesel option as well as a hybrid option of the Estate. The standard lever gearshift has been replaced with a new rotary gear selector. This has cleared up space for more storage as well as additional charging points.

The gear selector has, in turn, made it possible for a new adaptive cruise control system that offers complete stop and go ability. The car now also has a smart speed limiter function that uses the traffic sign recognition software to automatically adjust the speed to the speed limit.

The Mondeo now offers a choice of 148bhp and 187bhp EcoBlue 2.0l engines with lowered CO2 emissions (127g/km and 133g/km respectively).

Finally, the electrified hybrid Estate comes with a petrol engine combined with a 1.4kWh Lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. This gives a CO2 emission of under 100g/km. In spite of the battery taking up some of the storage space, you still get a 403l boot space, which can be expanded, to 1508l by folding the seats.


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