GKL visits Donnington Park - GKL: Vehicle Leasing

GKL visits Donnington Park

November 3rd, 2015


Dale Allen and Kirstie Renshaw visited Donnington Park last week courtesey of Pirelli for a fast driving session in conjunction with the GKL maintenance team

Dale of GKL maintenance team mentioned:

“It was a good day despite the bad weather!!!

We both managed to drive all the vehicles including the single seater which was very nerve wracking in the wet as you couldn’t see much when the spray hit your helmet visor.

Holding the steering wheel with one hand whilst wiping the spray off the visor with your other hand, on the main straight at full power in top gear gives you a whole new respect for the F1 drivers.


We started off in the Fiat 500 Abarth vehicles which were deceivingly fast and fun to drive, they were a great car to ease us into the day as we listed and learned from  the instructor about breaking points and when to turn in.

We then went onto the single seat car which were not the most comfortable of vehicles and the crotch belts chafed a little.

We also drove the Porsche and Ferrari but didn’t get to go in the Aston Martin as one broke down, so not enough vehicle to go around.



The last car was the aerial atom which was fun, but it was the one I was most worried about as it felt like you could easily spin it. when we drove it the track was drying but the instructors had advised us that the track was now at its most dangerous  as the track is on the flight path of the east midlands airport and gets the residue from the Aircraft fuel dropped onto the track which makes it even more slippery.

The Ferrari was my favourite on the day as the instructor let me have a real go for it and I over took 4 vehicles and got to full speed down the main straight.”