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How your business could benefit from fleet management telematics

April 10th, 2019

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Telematics have the potential to revolutionise fleets of all sizes, especially those that are looking for ways to reduce their operational costs and improve their internal workloads.

Whilst some organisations may have relied on the traditional reporting methods, there are many ways that a company can benefit should they introduce fleet management telematics.

Minimised fleet operational costs

One of the most tangible, visible benefits of utilising fleet telematics is the ability to minimise your fleet operational costs. This is because you will have access to the key data surrounding fuel consumption, driving distances and the maintenance schedule of your vehicles.

By monitoring the various pieces of information, fleet managers are able to formulate plans to reduce spending and increase the efficiency of vehicles on the road. For example, fleet managers could:

  • Analyse routes to prevent excessive detours
  • Identify vehicles that consume more fuel, and potentially replace them with another model
  • Introduce remote working policies, to help cut fuel reimbursements
  • Improve environmental credentials by replacing less fuel-efficient vehicles with electric or plug-in hybrid alternatives

Improved driver safety and behaviour

No matter how long a driver has been behind the wheel, the chances are they have picked up some bad habits over the years. From erratic acceleration to harsh braking, their driving habits will have a negative impact on their vehicles.

By analysing the telematics data, you are able to see which drivers may need additional safety training, or in contrast, which drivers could be used as a positive role model for others.

It’s important to make sure employees are aware that this information is only collected to help improve fleet operations, not to keep track of their every movement. Under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), employees need to give explicit consent for this information to be collected and stored.

Reduced maintenance costs

Another benefit of using fleet management telematic software is that it helps to reduce the maintenance costs of your fleet vehicles. With some leasing providers such as GKL, maintained contracts are sold, but if this is not something that is included, then telematics can help.

The bad driving habits mentioned above (excessive acceleration and harsh braking) can lead to tyre and mechanical damage, whilst long journeys can put a strain on older vehicles, increasing fuel consumption and journey time.

By analysing the telematics data, fleet managers are able to see which vehicles are due to go in for their regular service or MOT, and which vehicles are coming towards the end of their working cycle. This helps to keep drivers safe, and ensures that each vehicle in the fleet is in the best working condition possible.

Improved customer satisfaction

By utilising vehicle telematics, companies are able to maintain their high standards of customer service. By implementing optimal vehicle routes, a company is able to reduce the time between parcel dispatch and delivery.

But this does not just apply to delivery fleets. For companies with a mobile sales force, vehicle telematics means that their sales teams are able to keep their clients and potential prospects updated throughout the day.

A well-informed customer is a happy one, and a fleet manager should be able to give them the updates they need throughout the day, especially if they are working on an already tight schedule.

Increase fleet safety

For all companies that have employees that drive for work, safety should be a high priority. If a company is seen to have neglected their Duty of Care requirements and their employee is found to be driving a badly maintained vehicle, then the outcome could be costly.

From providing driver training to keeping open channels of communication, fleet managers and their organisations are able to analyse the telematics data to help improve safety and encourage a “safe driving” ethos within their organisation.

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In summary, fleet management telematics data is a useful tool that should be implemented across companies all over the country. The telematics data helps to reduce overall operational costs, and improve the safety of employees whilst they are on the road.

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