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Which UK Cities are Most EV-Friendly?

August 2nd, 2022

An Ev charging pin hovers over a map

At the time of writing this article, there are 32,663 public EV charging points in the UK, at 19,960 charging locations according to Zap-Map – amongst which are 3,582 high-speed charging locations with 13,133 rapid or ultra-rapid connectors.

However, with 829 devices added in the past month alone, you can bet that whenever you’re reading this, that number has already increased significantly.

That figure also doesn’t include workplace charge points, which are estimated to number over 400,000. So it’s not unfeasible that rather soon there will be half a million EV charge points of one kind or another the length and breadth of Britain.

That’s all great news, because with 2025’s deadlines for EU fleet emissions fast approaching, business fleets everywhere are beginning to make the switch to an electric future.

In this post we’ll reveal which UK cities are most ready for electric vehicles, so you can feel especially confident about making the switch if you or your staff live or work in (or near) one of those areas.

The UK’s top cities for EV charging

1. London

The answer to the question “What UK city has the most EV charging stations?” is, perhaps unsurprisingly, also the UK’s largest city. However, the ratio might surprise you, since according to Zap-Map, Greater London currently has around a third of all the UK’s EV charging points! If you live or work in the Capital, then, you can feel fully confident about making the switch to an electric vehicle, knowing that you’ll never be far from an EV charge point.

2. Newcastle

The city of Newcastle

It might surprise you to learn that the second largest of all the UK’s EV charging hotspots is far from London at the northern tip of England.

Curiously, however, the Geordie shore is only fourth when it comes to cities with most electric cars per charger – according to recent research by car insurance firm Esure. So that would suggest that EV adoption there lags behind at least a couple of cities that actually have less charging points.

Either way, that currently makes Toon town one of the very best places in the entire UK to own and charge an electric vehicle.

3. Glasgow

As the most populous city in Scotland it’s probably no surprise to see Glasgow rank highly amongst the UK’s EV charging hotspots. What’s even more encouraging is that 164 more are planned by Glasgow City Council for 2022 alone, with a further 96 for the future meaning Glasgow could have an extra 260 council-backed charge points by mid to late 2023 – all a mixture of 7kWh and 22kWh chargers.

4. Coventry

While the cities above are all behemoths in their areas, it’s somewhat of a surprise to see Coventry comfortably oust sixth-place Birmingham and make it into the top four cities for EV charging. Indeed, Coventry City Council seems to be especially proactive about EVs, with an ESB EV Solutions Rapid Charge Point Network installed and a guide on the council website about how to charge your EV at home and at work.

5. Edinburgh

Edinburgh city centre

Rounding up the top five in the current top cities for EV charging is Scotland’s Capital. The home of the Fringe Festival has a long list of chargers in key locations, and is currently in the process of spending a £2.2m funding grant from Transport Scotland to install an additional 81 charging points and 141 EV charging bays across the city.

6. Birmingham

England’s second city comes in sixth in the list of The UK’s EV Charging Hotspots. In fact, combined with Coventry and surrounding areas, Zap-Map indicates the West Midlands area has 6.6% of the UK’s charger network, made up of 2,159 charging points. The city is currently rolling out additional charge points in partnership with ESB energy, with 394 fast (22kW) and rapid (50kW) charge points set to be deployed at ‘fast and rapid hubs’ by the end of 2022.

7. Portsmouth

The South East of England boasts 12.5% of the UK’s public charging network (excluding work locations), and Portsmouth is the front runner as far as having the most charge points, ranking seventh in the UK’s EV Charging Hotspots. The website Welcome To Portsmouth has a map with locations for some of the most popular in the city and Southsea areas, and the council’s own website has an in-depth electric charge points FAQ for anyone in the area looking to learn more about using an EV for the first time.

8. Leeds

Up towards the other end of England is city of Leeds – one of two in Yorkshire that make the list of top cities for EV charging. Most recently that’s included 56 new Compelo EV charge points at Leeds train station car park, allowing rail passengers to charge their electric vehicles in three to four hours. Ideal if you’re off on an afternoon out somewhere and need to leave your car topping up for when you get back!

9. Brighton

The penultimate entry amongst UK cities most ready for electric vehicles is what’s often regarded as one of Britain’s trendiest places. Brighton is famous for its pebble beach, pier and fantastic nightlife, but it’s also making a name for itself as a place for planet-conscious motorists to make the switch to greener vehicles. Lampost, fast and rapid chargers have all been deployed across the city, although the recent rises in global fuel costs have led the region to announce a price increase for public charging in the area. Still, it’s great to see the council there so proactive about going green, with a strong social media presence as shown by the above video by Brighton & Hove City Council on YouTube.

10. Sheffield

The final entry in our post about which UK Cities are most EV-friendly takes us back to Yorkshire, where the local council is doing everything it can to make EV charging a reality for its citizens. Indeed, the demand for more EV points was recently discussed, with Sheffield’s mayor putting forward a proposal for on-street residential vehicle charging for the 40% of people who aren’t able to park their cars on a private driveway.

The EV revolution is coming

If all of this progress in EV charging proves one thing, it’s that electric vehicles are only just getting started – and the time to make the switch to an EV is very much now.

If you’re thinking of making the switch yourself, whether for personal use or business, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how.


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