Winter vehicle leasing: 4x4 drive

Winter vehicle leasing: 4×4 drive

November 23rd, 2015

Volvo 4x4

As the UK weather forecast predicts heavy snowfall and adverse conditions, it’s vital that businesses strategise to deal with the disruption it may cause to operations, whether with the delivery of goods and transit, or employee travel and accessibility. If the conditions on the road are less than optimal, you’ll need a vehicle that can perform consistently and has more resilience to the harsher, colder and wetter weather. Four-wheel drive vehicles are designed to adapt to the difficult surfaces resulting from a winter climate, and provide a number of benefits for business owners looking to take advantage of a leased vehicle contract.

What is a 4×4 vehicle?

Unlike traditional two-wheel drive vehicles where power from the engine is split evenly between the two front wheels only, 4-wheel drive, or 4×4 vehicles, have systems which allow them to split power between all four wheels when a loss of traction is detected. Because of the reduced amount of rotational force sent to each wheel, there is less chance of a vehicle’s grip being overcome by this force, causing wheelspin. As a result 4×4 vehicles have better stability in difficult weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice on varied terrain.

Leasing a 4×4 vehicle or fleet is therefore a very practical solution to prevent the risk of accident, in winter conditions, for anyone who regularly uses a company vehicle. Having a more secure, stable and safe drive in place is extremely important for businesses using vehicles on a frequent basis or covering large areas, also reducing the risk of damage to goods when on the road.

Four-wheel drive vehicles offer many additional advantages including:

  • Enhanced performance in harsh conditions and when driving off-road
  • 4×4 vehicles are often more spacious and are highly comfortable
  • Drivers can receive a better view of the road as they offer a higher driving position
  • New 4x4s available for lease are stylish and sophisticated in their design
  • There are many models available to suit a variety of business needs and budgets

4×4 vehicles are also available to lease in low CO2 and eco hybrid versions, allowing companies to improve their environmental output whilst increasing business efficiency. The Volvo XC90 for instance, is a high tech plug-in hybrid 4×4 which asserts a low CO2 emissions level of 49 g/km, greatly reducing running costs and your company car tax bill. Hybrid or eco performance four-wheel drive vehicles are ideal for companies wanting reliability and performance for travelling in the colder months, as well as a lowered carbon footprint. Choosing to lease 4×4 vehicles, particularly environmentally friendly versions, ultimately ensures business functions carried out by owners or staff are done so safely and as efficiently as possible.

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