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Polestar 3 SUV Business Car

October 18th, 2022

At GKL we are very excited about the all new Polestar 3

The Latest Full EV from Polestar – The Polestar 3 SUV



Charging time measured from 10 to 80% capacity using a DC 250 kW charger. Range targets based on WLTP standard

  • 0-60 IN 4.6 SECONDS
  • UP TO 510 BHP
  • Starting from £79,900

Acceleration and power figures are based on the Long range Dual motor with Performance pack.

The safest car yet?

As Polestar and Volvo share engineering knowledge, the Polestar 3 has been created with over 90 years of safety development.

It seems the aim is not only to protect but prevent.

The new Polestar 3 is packed out with state of the art sensors, cameras and radars.

Advanced cameras and radar sensors inside the Polestar 3 monitor drivers and occupants. There are two infrared eye-tracking cameras in the dashboard, as well as four 60 GHz motion-detecting radars. The radar system is the first of its kind to cover the entire interior of the car,       including the rear luggage area. This means it can detect occupants, for example dogs that are left in the Polestar can then enjoy a controlled climate even on hot days, safely.

The new Polestar 3 is complete with technology that can give you peace of mind, blind spot systems, forward collision avoidance, run off road mitigation, parking sensors and adaptive cruise control/pilot assist.

Should you be unlucky enough to be involved in an incident, the passenger compartment of the Polestar 3 is packed out with 9 airbags and constructed with ultra high strength steel .

The overhead console includes two buttons that can make direct calls in case of a breakdown or an accident. These are events ranging from a flat tyre to a serious incident where the car will call emergency services automatically.

Make it your own

With 2 different specs available

  • Long Range Dual Motor (£79,900)
  • Long Range Dual Motor with Performance Pack (£85,500)

6 different colours to choose from below:

  • Top Line – Magnesium (Inc), Snow (£1,000) & Thunder (£1,000)
  • Bottom Line – Jupiter (£1,000), Midnight (£1,000) & Space (£1,000)

  • You can also choose from 3 different upgrade packs

  • Fully electric tow bar (£1,200)
  • 1.3 Megapixel HD LED Headlights (£1,600)
  • 4 different interiors and 3 different sets of alloy wheels.
  • Along with a number of extra options eg. sunshade (£130) Mudflaps (£200)

If you are considering the New Polestar 3 on a business lease or other business car contact us today

[email protected]  01246 572181 – or – 01844 852000