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What are the benefits of using a flexible vehicle hire option?

February 2nd, 2016

We live in a world where we all like to choose different things. We are used to having choice, and can make any number of decisions about even the smallest of things. Many people say this is a bad thing. Too much choice can just take up too much of your mental energy. Whilst you may think having the choice of thirty different types of cappuccino, for example, is too much for any person, having a choice in your business travel arrangements is actually quite useful.

The two main reasons for this are:

  • flexibility
  • cost reduction

and both of these are just good business sense.

Flexi – hire is a way that vehicle hire can be chosen to suit your business needs and your budget.


flexible vehicle hire


If you are running a business where the travel needs of your employees can differ on a daily basis, then one thing you won’t want to do is commit to long term contracts that you will not get the best value from. Flexi–hire is a way of ensuring you can always meet your travel needs. It could be that the vehicles you have on contract suit day-to-day work, but when a special event, such as a conference or exhibition is coming up, something different is required. It could also be that a trip abroad is being planned and you just don’t have something suitable in which to get there. Maybe an employee has a special project to work on that is only temporary, and they are not usually provided with a vehicle.

Cost Reduction

It makes sense to pay only for what you use, and a standard car lease or hire is certainly worth the money if utilised regularly in the long term. Cars standing by unused can never be cost effective, so it makes total sense to hire in a flexible way, when you have need of an extra vehicle or two. Flexi-hire does not mean hire for one day (although it can be) but rather it is an option that is available for any length of time, with no tie-in contract. What adds to the attractiveness of flexi-hire is that it still comes with all the usual high standards and maintenance support you would expect from a more standard hire.

If you would like to know more about the option of flexi-leasing for your business, then give us a call at GKL Leasing on 01246 572180 where our knowledgeable staff can advise you on how flexi-leasing can save you money and add some flexibility into your business travel arrangements.