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Looking Down the Road: New Vehicles to Watch in 2023

October 31st, 2022

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As we approach the end of 2022 we find ourselves already looking forward to the new year – and some of the amazing automotive works of art it promises to bring.

Whatever kind of car you currently drive – or would love to, given the chance – here at GKL we’re sure you’ll share our enthusiasm for five vehicles in particular that you could be driving by or before this time next year.

These are a selection of vehicles that could be considered as the top five upcoming cars in 2023.

Five of the best new cars coming in 2023

1. Toyota GR Corolla

Image credit: Carwow

In a world where electric vehicles are about to explode, the first of our five new exciting cars coming in 2023 is something of a rarity – a brand new hot hatchback from Toyota that runs purely on petrol.

First due during the pandemic, the oft-delayed GR Corolla runs on a suped-up version of the GR Yaris’ 1.6 litre engine. It’s a speedy, sporty 300 horsepower four wheel drive number that’s set to retail for £31,429 – and will have leasing terms in line with that valuation. Perfect for a business lease with a playful edge.



Image credit: JD Power

Our second new vehicle to watch in 2023 is also the only hybrid model on this list. The BMW XM has been designed to celebrate 50 years of BMW’s motorsport division and, at 750 horsepower, promises to be not just one of the most powerful 4x4s on the market, but also the most powerful road car BMW has ever made.

Due to become available from summer 2023, the XM looks set to cost around £149,500 with equivalent leasing terms. The engine meanwhile is an upgraded version of BMW’s 4.4 litre twin-turbo v8 with an added 197hp electric motor attached to the eight-speed gearbox. It even includes a pure EV mode which you can drive at up to 87mph, meaning the XM is also great for lowering your fleet’s carbon emissions.

3. Audi A6 e-Tron Avant

Audi A6 e-Tron Avant

Image credit: Top Gear 

Revealed in March this year, Audi’s concept for an all-electron e-tron estate car received rave reviews from the press, including Top Gear, who called it “a fantastic looking thing.” And it really is!

It’s also more practical than the saloon model which was first revealed in 2021, albeit sharing the same all-electric platform that was co-developed with Porsche. Excitingly, the Avant will have a whopping 435 miles of electric range, and should cost around £60,000 (with equivalent leasing terms) – making it very good value when you consider how far it can travel and the size of the vehicle you’re getting for the money. For the discerning businessman, that makes the e-Tron Avant undoubtedly one of the best new cars coming in 2023.

4. Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari Purosangue

Image credit: Supercars.net 

Translating from Italian as ‘pureblood’ the Purosangue is Ferrari’s first ever four door four seater, yet for all of its SUV size can still be classed as an authentic Ferrari sports car. Its 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine can do 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds, has a top speed over 190mph and 725 horsepower, with 716Nm of torque.

All of those numbers are very impressive, and will make the Purosangue the fastest-available SUV available… if it beats the BMW XM to market. In reality, the BMW will offer slightly more power, for around half the price – with the Purosangue’s expected ticket price likely to be around £300,000.

Still, it’s hard not to look at the Purosangue and fall in love. It’s half SUV, half sports car, and completely gorgeous. It will also be a badge of honour for anyone who drives it, making the Purosangue easily one of the top five upcoming cars of 2023.

5. Hyundai Ioniq 6

The last of our new vehicles to watch in 2023 is a distinctive all-electric saloon model that could rival the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

Stylistically, it has more than a passing resemblance to Porsche’s classic swooping lines. But perhaps the most unexpectedly exciting thing about the Hyundai Ioniq 6 is that it can plug into a 350kW charger and top up from 10%-80% in just 18 minutes. The flagship model contains a 77.4kWh battery that can produce up to 362 miles of driving range, and yet the price for all this technology is rumoured to be a very reasonable £45,000. Stylish, powerful, far-reaching and eco-friendly, the Ioniq 6 fully deserves its place in our list of five new exciting cars coming in 2023.

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