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Salary Sacrifice

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GKL & Fleet Evolution

GKL Leasing are pleased to have formed a partnership with Fleet Evolution to carry out the very best in experiences for implementing your new Salary Sacrifice Scheme. We work closely with Fleet Evolution to provide hassle free systems and best practice procedures as a valued customer.


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How Does the Scheme Work?

Salary sacrifice is a great cost neutral way for companies who want to offer their employees a car. In fact, in many cases, it can actually save you money. The employee can finance a brand new car, with everything included, from their pre-tax salary. They save tax, NI, can access volume discounts and they can choose the car, term, and mileage to suit their needs. Remember, this is a taxable benefit. The company benefit tax increases as the pollution from the car increases, this is why greener cars work better on the scheme.

How do I introduce the scheme?

Introducing our scheme is pretty easy. Simply define the rules around leavers, SMP, and answer a few other quick questions. Within a few days, we’ll have the scheme, employee guidance, and quote engine access set up for you! We’ll even handle the launches, and now virtual launches, to your team and push all communication from your team directly to us.

Managing your scheme month to month

We try to keep our scheme as simple as possible. After all, your skillset is your company, but we do need to involve you in some key areas. Once your scheme is set up, on a monthly basis you will need to:

  • Approve orders, checking employees are permanent and have sufficient salary.
  • Actioning payroll sacrifice deductions we calculate and advise (parking fines, etc. go directly to the employee).
  • Paying us, the same month as the deduction.
  • Advise us of any leavers promptly.

If you have 10 cars, admin shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes a month.

Implementing Your Scheme

Our General approach

Our scheme is designed to be as low admin as possible for you. Implementation can take as little as a week, and only a fraction of your time is needed in this period. Marketing and Promotion are where we really excel, we’ll manage this for you entirely. All you need to do is book rooms and display the posters we give you and circulate the emails we provide. We also handle all employee communication direct with employees.

Your Key Tasks


  • Defining the rules at setup meeting
  • Provide eligibility rules
  • Review our employee pack
  • Book rooms for launches
  • Review quote engine
  • Display posters in team areas

Post Launch

  • Circulate promotional material
  • Pay supplier invoices
  • Order countersign
  • Process payroll deductions
  • Occasional minimum wage checks
  • P11d reporting (report provided)

At GKL Leasing we are keen for your uptake of a salary sacrifice scheme to be as simple as possible – contact GKL (working in conjunction with Fleet Evolution)

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